“Comedy Magic…It’s a Clown Thing”!

Aurora “Bebop” Krause, Education Director

I have the greatest respect and admiration for a talented and skilled magician. I consider a performance of a great magician to be an entertaining class act. However, this is totally different from comedy magic performed by a silly, fun-loving clown who projects a great desire to impress but often intentionally fails in the process. My clown character, Bebop enjoys performing some pretty easy magic routines and enjoys making them entertaining with Bebop’s simple-minded comedy character antics.

I’d like to share some ideas to consider when adding comedy to a magic routine.

 Make intentional mistakes: create anticipation for one result and end up with a different outcome. For example, by using a change bag create a routine that will announce a bunny will appear and have it turn out to be a skunk.
 Be naive or a little bit dumb: consider old classics such as how something is suppose to work but you don’t know how to do it. Kids will be yelling at you to do it this way or do it that way just trying to help you get it right. This can be done with a magic hat, a magic umbrella or a magic balloon.
 Improvising: using one object to represent something entirely different, this is easy enough to do.
 Using comedy magic wands: These wands are available in the vendor’s room. How you use them to create laughs depends on your clown character. Comedy wands can also be very entertaining if you use them with an audience volunteer, just make sure the laughs end up being on you, the clown.

All of these scenarios are very simple to accomplish. However, do not forget to practice and create some funny, entertaining patter, facial expressions and comedy antics to go along with your comedy routines. Ultimately it’ll be an entertaining and confident clown character that will carry out a successful comedy magic routine.

I welcome your thoughts on this topic. Keep A Smile On!!!….Bebop
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