Do you like my new iPod?

By Patricia Mooseburger
Ha Ha! Yeah it’s corny, but it’s cute.
You will love how EASY this walk-around prop is to make.

Supplies needed to make your “iPod”

• Black sharpie marker
• 3 Ping pong balls
• 2 Paper clips or clothes pins
• 5” x 8” Green felt or fleece
• Fabric glue or craft glue
• Stapler or needle and thread


Instructions for making your iPod:
1. Print out this pattern and fold it.
2. Fold material in half, trace pattern onto it, and cut out the half-moon shape.
3. Staple or sew the edges of the pod.
4. Turn inside out.
5. Draw eyes on the ping pong balls with the marker.
6. Glue ping pong balls into the pod. Use the paper clips or clothes pins to hold the felt or fleece together while it dries.

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