Rosemarie Ballard’s Tips to become the Best Entertainer you can be!

Once I finally got out of my feelings of being rejected by the entire human race including myself, around the age of 30, my life changed. I had dabbled with stage performance in school and community theatre which peaked my interest, but I was not secure enough to really go for it seriously. As my 5 children grew up we did a lot of creative stuff, like make the most interesting birthday cakes and amazing prize winning Halloween costumes.I also worked with performing kids in the schools and was a story teller. As I look back I realize the creativity was there all the time, but I can honestly say I did not realize it until I worked with my “Imagination Express All Aboard” Team.

Here they are: Tips for a Better Performance

#1 Overcome your Fear
In the beginning of my being in front of an audience I remember knees knocking and up-chucking at some of my first few gigs. I am driven to perform. It is who I am. This is also a fact it took me years to realize.I think of it as a gift from God. As with all gifts they can be a joy and a curse depending on the day. I think once we get out of our own way a new world opens up for us. We have to just let go and trust. I know I have received phone calls out of the blue, from people I didn’t know,whowanted a performer and their request seemed out of what I believed was in my realm of expertise.These things challenged me, but I never said no; instead I seemed to find a way to give them what they wanted.

#2 LEARN from Others
I know I have spent hours learning, observing and trying out stuff. I have seen others mess up or excel! What great lessons I have learned from them. I know one thing,“I know I don’t know”, and that keep me available to learn. My first interest is acting. The curiosity about acting transported me to college. I kid you not I was in my 40’s and had never mastered the skill of reading when I went to college. This required more work than the average bear, but I did it. I graduated from San Diego State University in 1991 with a BA in Theatre,one tenth ( .01%) of a point from graduating with honors.

#3 Try Stuff Out
If you were my neighbor or friend I would try new things out on anyone who would take their time to see or hear me. I remember one mail man who was always interested in my new act or song. I will admit I am insecure about everything until I get feedback from others. My husband Bill is awesome for giving me insight. He is like the average guy when it comes towhat works for an audience. If he likes it than I know it will work. If he does not, back to the drawing board!

#4 Take Better Care of Your Instrument – Body
Being an entertainer has enriched my life in so many ways:
– I take better care of my body. I try to eat right, exercise and keep a good balance in all things.
– I have friends all across the USA.
– I have given classes in Boise, Denver, Buffalo, Florida and Canada just to name a few.
– I have performed with great artist from Russia, Mexico, England and more.
– And most important that my family which includes my hubby, 7 children between us and and 20 grandchildren that some of them think I am pretty cool.

#5 Ask what is my Purpose for Wanting to Entertain?
I have a busy brain and it has a purpose. I want to make the world a happier place, to motivate others to do the same, and to continuously become a better me.

#6 Seek Help
There is a wealth of information at our fingertips these days. If a person is inspired then: “They MUST go for IT!” Learn, experiment, include others in your process and keep searching for the teacher, the class, the book, the “whatever” it takes to get you on the track to become what you want.

#7 Celebrate You
Do not covet others amazing skills, do not be jealous, but celebrate their greatness. If you see greatness in others than you have greatness in you! OK I am on a BIG SOAP BOX! I am jumping off now!

#8 Keep Going
I am not young in age, but I am young at heart. I will find places to share my gifts as long as I & hubby have our great health. In my evolution I keep learning more, doing more and loving life more. I want to be my best, do my best, give my best and inspire others. I am a believer in the greatness of God and have been blessed by him and you and you know who you are.

Edited and assembled by: Norm B. –