Chang – the Clown Juggler of Everything!

chang-1Chang is a very physical performer with great strength who has a gift of graceful movement that makes him seem a bit childlike. His sweet demeanor draws the audience in and then they are delighted by his incredible talents for acrobatics, comedy and juggling. He is happy to bring his clown skills to use in various positions on the Pleasure B Clown team. This group of many clowns packages shows in various ways depending on the needs of the client.

Chang is excited to be a part of the 2017 W.C.A. Convention in Thailand. You will marvel at the amazing skill that seems effortless to this funny fellow. He says, “I look forward to meeting and becoming friends with many new W.C.A. members as well as see many clown friends I have met from around the world.”

Chang’s core skill is the wonderful acrobatic ability that came from much training and work. Chang’s juggling and balancing is done in a colorful speedy manner that delights the audience. His special skills are Roller Bola and Hat juggling. He combines all this in a delightful way that dazzles the viewers. He clown character has an innocence like a child and yet there is a bit of mischievous demeanor added to make it fun and funny.
Chang is an active member of Pleasure B Clown team and is often brought out into the center of the ring to showcase his >skills between other acts in the big shows. He is also part of the clown duo called “RAG” along with that wonderful and sweet clown “LONTO.” He is also a dynamic part of the Circus team ‘Le Cirque b’, and he works alongside “LONTO” and “TOPPO” in the hilarious trio called “PLE-MIX”. He says, “this involves many hours of practice and teamwork. I love to be a part of a clown team and bounce the comedy off the other clowns. It makes it super fun for the audience.”

Chang began juggling in 1996 at a special training course for clown jugglers. His skills include clubs, balls and rings all done with deft skill and agility. It is amazing to watch.

One of the coolest place he ever did a juggling show was a part of the Japanese traditional place called Geidankyo where he stood out with his unique talents. Basically it is a show done in the Classical Japanese Dance style, which he has also studied. This group is the special Japan Council of Performers & Performing Arts Organizations and Chang played with the team of traditional Japanese EDO performers. “It was very nice experience.” Chang recalls, “I was delighted to play with Japanese traditional things like Classical Japanese dance.”

What makes Chang happy besides juggling? “Clowning &Circus Acts – I enjoy bringing laughter to audiences and hearing the happy crowd respond.”