Hong Kong Fun Clown Convention!

ken-ken-esKen Ken is a bright a fun clown who put together a very fun convention of educational classes and outreach in Hong Kong in September of 2015. Clowns from around Asia came to this fun filled event. Several representatives of the W.C.A. were there including our past President Dee Dee, as well as Sam T. our W.C.A. the Asian Regional Director, Cido our American Mid-Atlantic Regional Director and also Norm Barnhart your World Clown Marketing Director.
This convention had a wonderful International Gala Show starring Chaggy from Texas doing his hilarious standing on a huge ball balancing and juggling act. Pee Wee and Cido from N.Y. did a wild and funny skit along with Toto from Japan., “Norman” Barnhart from Minnesota and his tramp discovering a suitcase full of magic. Sam T. did his “house built on love” balloon routine with music and WCA Past President Dee Dee did a sweet presentation from the WCA. Jelly is one of our fun WCA members from Malaysia who performed on this show with his fantastic clowning. And the convention planner – Ken Ken was a blast as M.C. with his charming comedy clowning too! It was an evening enjoyed by all.

One highlight of this convention was a crazy clown ride through the city on the roof tops of two buses. The open air gave all the clowns a great and enjoyable ride through the city, but also gave the people of Hong Kong a chance to see many clowns waving, honking horns and smiling at them. Office workers would look up, see the clowns, look astonished, then smile, then quickly grab their phones for a photo. It was a hit on the internet in Hong Kong and a great promotional tool that Ken Ken developed. We also strolled down the boardwalk of the city and posed for tons of photos with the people of Hong Kong along the river and skyline. This is a beautiful city is filled with wonderful people who wanted to get a picture taken with the funny clowns.

The Bun Fun International Clown convention also offered many outreach and charity shows where the colorful clowns interacted with children at a couple hospitals and also at a nursing home. The smiles and laughter were a delight for the clowns to see as the residents and patients reacted to the clown comedy. Video footage of the show presented at the nursing home is now at WorldClown.com.
Many fantastic lectures helped all the clowns to improve. Dee Dee did great classes on Face painting and also applying clown make-up. She taught in a clear and practical manner to the many who attended her excellent classes. Sam T. taught on balloons with his unique and fun approach and Chaggy was wonderful in his presentations to help clowns discover new circus skills. Norm Barnhart did workshops on comedy techniques and ways to add theatrical flair to performances as well as a class on his original Magic inventions. Cido, Toto, Pee Wee and Jelly also taught and shared from their vast knowledge on circus skills and improving your clowning. Mr. Drew from Thailand did an awesome juggling class and Toto from Japan did a fantastic class also on clown skills.
Ken Ken produced the convention at a very interesting historical site in Hong Kong that was filled with lush trees and plants. It was fun to see this fabulous city and meet the many clowns from all over Asia.

The World Clown Association loves Hong Kong! – Report Submitted by Norm B. – Comedy entertainer in MN – EntertainmentMN.com