Enjoy some Crazy Fun with “K”

That funny Japanese Clown is coming to Thailand for the big World Clown Convention.  You will be seeing some wonderful comedy as “K” lands on stage with a splash.  He is a dynamic performer who has a one of a kind style that gets the audience on the edge of their seats with excitement and high energy.

Clown “K” is the leader of Pleasure B – that long standing comedy troupe from Japan.  He started the group to share clown training and his joy of clowning with others.  His original style of comedy clowning and unique sense of humor draws the audience into his fun filled clown world.   “K” has a comical demeanor that delights the audience. He may act like a sweet child or moppet but he is definitely the leader of this fun bunch.  He was once an accomplished pole jumper and now uses his athletic prowess to amaze audiences and bring joy to children of all ages.

“K” is the NPO Japanese hospital clown society founder, and he is the chief director as well. He is also a very sought after lecturer and television personality.  “K” wrote a book titled ‘Hospital Clown’ which was made into a drama for television. “K” is called on all year round to bring his fun to the children as a hospital clown.

One of the special and amazing skills that “K” presents is his incredible balancing act. “K” is known for his ability to balance almost anything, and one of the most amazing feats is when he balances two conference tables on his head!

Another part of “K’s” comedy act is balancing five metal chairs on his head. Often, his skill is noted as one of power or strength rather than balance.

What first inspired “K” to become a clown was a personal quest for self enlightenment. Then as “K” continued clowning, it became fun and he knew he had a special gift to share. Now he travels widely bringing smiles and joy to all ages.

As a youngster “K” was very involved in sports and loved baseball and was also a champion pole vaulter. His athletic ability helps in so many ways in his clowning.  He says, “People need to find the abilities they already have and build on them.”

“K” learned to juggle in a unique way. He was part of a group that taught each other.  Each member would learn or develop a juggling skill and then share that with the others.

When asked if it is hard keeping all those clowns in line and order at Pleasure B – “K” responded, “YES!! However, it’s rewarding job, and the group is getting bigger and bigger.” The team is having great success all across Japan and Asia.

“K” was asked what kind of audience he likes best and he replied, “EVERYTHING! I love all audiences anytime, anywhere. It is so fun to bring laughter to people.”