That Happy Clown – Uncle Button – Appearing at W.C.A. Thailand

Sam Tee loves to entertain with clowning. As Uncle Button he performs at Malls, Conventions, Schools and churches. He presents a one of a kind clown comedy variety show that mixes juggling, magic, songs, balloons, music & storytelling.  He does several original balloon routines to music that are heartfelt and spread joy.
Sam got his start in clowning through a magician who needed a clown to work alongside at a birthday party gig. “I was to replace his sidekick, but ended up being this magician’s regular partner.”

Sam’s favorite places to clown are in the mountains & villages in Thailand & Indonesia.

Sam explains that “Most of the villagers, especially the children, have never seen a clown before.” Uncle button’s appearance brings unique and special moments & memories.

Sam has traveled around the world and some highlights are clowning in disaster zones in Iran, China & Taiwan after earthquakes, etc.

Sam’s favorite place to perform is at Village Schools & Churches. “I love to perform here as you can see the excitement in their eyes & their laughter is very precious.”

When it comes to storytelling Sam likes to use objects to communicate and enhance the story. “I use magic & balloons as props for storytelling, but the main way is with body language.”

Sam’s favorite magic trick is the Friendship Loop. “It is easy to handle & I find that it can be easily understood across many cultures.  This trick involves using different colors of loop. I talk about how each of us are unique & special. When the various colored loops magically join together I talk about how coming & working together creates magical moments. I then pull out the linked loop and it makes the point in an amazing way”.

The highlights will be when I pull out the big loop to symbolize unity & love, the essence of life.

One of Sam’s most heartfelt moments in clowning happened while clowning in a special need school in Kyrgyzstan. “Their conditions is so dire & their needs were so overwhelming, but they enjoyed everything my clown did. While they laugh, I cried.”

Sam feels that clowns very important in the world. “Clowns are the agent of Joy & Laughter.

We have the special grace & ability to touch the hearts of young & old. Our red nose transcends culture & religious barrier.”

Sam has a philosophy of clowning that is this. “Forget what lies behind, the success or the failure. Press on to what is ahead, constantly adapt & improve the art of clowning by sharing. Leave a legacy behind instead being a legend.”

Look for Sam at the World Clown Convention in Thailand in 2017. Go up and say hello, he will gladly spend time with you and share his ideas.

By: Norm B.