When you drive down the road and notice those signs that say, “This highway is maintained by …. for the next 2 miles”, realize that other people notice those signs also. What it means is that once a month or so, you put together a group and clean up the litter and trash on the outer edges of the road. You do not do the inside lanes and you stay well away from traffic. In California and a number of other states, the program is called “Adopt-A-Highway Program” and it is run by the state Department of Transportation.
Some of our WCA clown alleys have affiliated with the Department of Transportation in their area and have done this. It results in a roadside name with your name on it. Some states do this for main highways and some do local city streets as well. The Big Foot Alley of Tacoma, WA, is doing this and they report that they have a roadside sign with their name on it. They do the main street that runs in front of the local high school. The alley does this four times a year and it takes about 1-1/2 to 2 hours. They say it depends on how many members show up to pick up. The more that come, the less time it takes. Their state provides vests and bags for the trash.
If your alley is interested, you can go to the national site that connects to the state sites: Adopt a Highway Litter Removal Service of America, Inc. for more information.
Get involved with a program that benefits your community, posts a sign about your involvement, and promotes your alley as a local service organization