2016 Legacy of Laughter Award

leon-mc-bLeon McBryde was awarded the World Clown Association Legacy of Laughter Award by our President Randy Christenson at the Orlando Convention in a surprise ceremony.
Leon was our extra bonus speaker on the first night of the convention. At the end of Mr. McBryde’s wonderful talk he was presented with this special tribute. The crowd loved his heartfelt speech on his life of clowning, but it brought the house down when this very special recognition was presented to him.
It was a wonderful opportunity for our convention attendees to meet the one and only Leon McBride. The audience was thrilled with his life’s story. This world traveled Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey Clown brought his wit and wisdom to the attendees in Orlando with a very special presentation. Leon had a wonderful lifetime of experiences to share with our convention goers.
Comedy and Clowning

In a earlier interview Leon spoke about Comedy and Clowning.
Leon says, “The clowning we do is based on psychology. We get laughs by invoking the big three – Stupidity, Mockery or the Element of Surprise. These things can bring comedy based on what appeals to the audience. We analyze our audience and see where they respond best.” Then we adapt to bring the audience what makes them laugh more.

In clowning Leon says that we mock ourselves to get a laugh. “We are not making fun of someone else or making fun of them, we are after clean fun.” Element of surprise is the comic process of taking someone down a path and they think they know the outcome of the situation, and then we give them a completely different ending. The surprise gets the laugh. “So they laugh because their mind is expecting a certain ending and they then think ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ and laughter results.”
“My Auguste clown in the circus played it a bit stupid.” People laughed because they saw that he was about to make a big mistake and sure enough he did. “Kids like it because they like to be smarter than the clown.” It is funny to them. “The child has a sense of euphoria because he knew what was going to happen before the clown made the mistake.”

To make someone laugh is a great joy to Leon. “Our comedy is more sophisticated today… God has made us all different in the way we see things as funny.”
Leon likes to make his audience feel comfortable and have a positive experience. “Maybe there is someone in the audience who has big feet and is embarrassed or there is someone who thinks they are having a bad hair day. Then I come into the circus ring with my huge feet and crazy wig and they think I am funny and that gives them a bit of relief and they laugh. Whatever you need from me to make your day better, I am here to serve.”
Leon says, “When I step into the circus ring, I am on my play ground. I would love to have fun with everyone. I am inviting the audience into my world, come and play, come and have fun, come and laugh. What a God given talent that is.”
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– By: Norm B. – W.C.A. Marketing Director – ComedyNorm.wordpress.com