2017 Convention in Thailand is just around the Corner

The one and only Kenny Ahern – Staring in his one man show that will have you laughing and crying in delight.

Don’t miss this awesome and educational World Clown Association convention in Thailand.

We have a beautiful Hotel, All star shows, Including the Comical Clown International Show and also our

  • – Wonderful Featured Performer Kenny Ahern!!!

Contests!!!! Show your talents and learn by watching others.  

Classes with professional clowns from around the world teaching many wonderful circus skills you can add to your act.

Discover how to comedy juggle, make magic, twist colorful Balloon creations – its all here at the greatest comedy clown convention on earth. 



Fun folks you will enjoy meeting!

You will laugh and learn til you drop.


Come enjoy the fun people at a World Clown Convention

Learn all about birthday clowning and stage clowning and silly clowning!  It is clown fun for everyone!  Sign up on this website and come enjoy the food, fun and fellowship with this great bunch of silly entertainers.

What are you waiting for sign up now!!!  


Why Clowns go to Conventions      by Norman the Clown

Some people may wonder, why go to a convention? Especially a clown convention.

My number one reason is …. It’s FUN!  There are funny moments and some very fun people. It lifts you up and brings a smile to your face.  A clown convention is good medicine.

A clown convention is also educational. The great classes are just a part of the educational experience. What clowns talk about with their peers has great educational benefit. Performers will often share with you what they would not with their local clowns.  They will pass on business and performance tips that could not be found anywhere else.

We discuss our silly business from a technical side as well as the comical side.

One the one hand we will discuss improvements or innovations in balloons, clown make-up or props to help us do our work better. On the other hand we love to share ideas on how to be funnier performers. We discuss how to make classic comedy bits from the old days relevant to today’s audiences as well as ways to get more laughs from magic props or other circus skills. We also discuss new ideas for skits and get the advice of our peers as they suggest ways to add comedy to the routine.

Along with all this we love to play pranks on each other and joke around.  It is fun to go to a clown convention because we get to experience so much laughter, brought to us by fun people (clowns) from around the world.  We love to laugh too. So often we are working to make others laugh so it is nice to remember the joy that laughter brings.

It is also great to have the gift of laughter delivered to us via many performances at the convention.  There is the skit and paradability competitions that have many funny moments.  We also get to see the featured performer do what that person does best, make people laugh. 

This is such a healthy environment. Laughter is such good medicine. It chases our blues away and makes us feel like a kid again. When the convention ends, we don’t want to leave… as it was really a slice of heaven.


About the author: Norman is a comedy entertainer who has appeared at conventions in 8 countries. http://aces-show.biz/normantheclown