Three Power Tips to Improve your Act – Shared by Ringling star – Don Bursell

Three Power Tips to Improve your Act

Don B. That World Champion Uni-cyclist and all around funny guy!

Before we get to the Power tips I’d like to introduce the person these tips are coming from. Meet Don Bursell – Minnesota Funny Man, juggler, stilt walker, plate spinner, magician and all around swell guy. He is coming to this year’s Magic in Minneapolis Convention. I’ve known Don for over 25 years and he has kept me in stitches with his hilarious comedy for well over 24 years. You will have two opportunities to laugh as Don perform twice at this year’s convention.

Don is a talented performer who has toured and performed with Ringling Brothers and at the Circus World Museum in Florida.  His lovable and goofball style make him a favorite with family audiences across the country. You will feel like a kid again with Don’s  madcap comedy show.

When asked why he likes what he does, Don said, “It’s the greatest job in the world. Laughter is such a release for people. I know it is for me and I know if I can do that for other people it is great.” He also added, “I have the best bosses in the world – my wife and God.”

At The Minnesota Magic Convention Don taught a class on basic juggling. At Don’s class he guarantees that everyone (almost everyone) will be able to juggle. Very few cannot by end of this class. This class is a lot of laughs as everyone gets involved. Watch for him at a convention near you.  Most likely Don will be a lecturer at our W.C.A. Convention in Minneapolis in 2018.

Don is an acclaimed juggler who almost never misses!

Another class that Don presents is on Publicity for Entertainers. He will share publicity material he has used and talk about what worked and what didn’t. This is valuable information that will save you headaches and money as you improve your promo pack. 

Don also teaches a class on Strolling Close-Up Magic. These tricks will be easy to do yet really pack a punch. There is nothing that you have to buy and the tricks are easy things you can do in a couple minutes.

He uses close up magic in this way it for everything from church groups to corporate shows and festival work.

Don likes to do magic that is very visual and quick. He also strives for effects that will fit with his style of performance. “Everything I do I based off my character, I adapt the props and magic to fit me.” This is a huge key to success in our field.

Don admires and was influenced by comedy greats such as George Carl, Dick Van Dyke, Stan Laurel and a maybe even a little bit of Jim Carey.   Learn More at:

Three Power Tips for Improving your Show from Don Bursell.

Power Tip #1  – Love what you do . Spread some laughter – it is good for your audience and good for you.

Power Tip #2 – Present a few simple tricks before your show and you will endear your audience to you so that when the show starts they will be on your side ready to have fun.

Power Tip #3 – On stage your material has to fit your performance character. When you develop material based on your character is will be funnier. If you try to do material that does not fit your style it will not be as effective. Study and figure out your character and build your act based on that. Material based on your character is funnier and it is easier to develop. Don will be appearing at future events produced by


Don Bursell grew up in North Minneapolis, presenting his first show at 12 years old. For the next five years he performed around Minnesota with The Variety II Review. Don attended one year of college, but because of his endless energy he opted to chase his dream of circus life by working with Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey Circus. Sadly, after only 6 months on the road he was forced to leave because of severe allergies and life threatening asthma complications. Soon afterward he moved to California to work as an entertainer for the Disney Corporation. In 1988 he married his beautiful wife, Debbie, and began ministry work as Circus Unique. After 17 years, he now presents family entertainment and evangelism programs as DonB! Ministries, coordinating over 250 events annually around the United States and Canada.

Don is also a 2-time National Unicycle Champion, is regularly brought in as a Convention Entertainer, and because of the quality and uniqueness of his one-man shows, he regularly receives standing ovations and high acclaim for his work.


Look for Don B. at our World Clown and Comedy Convention in Minneapolis in 2017.

Written by: Comedian and Magician Norm B. –