¬†Clown of the Year 2002-2003 Jim “Strutter” Roberts

   By Carol Jackson

            At the banquet during this year’s convention in Jacksonville, Florida, Jim “Strutter” Roberts was recognized as Clown of the Year for 2002-2003. His accomplishments and dedication to clowning and the World Clown Association are attributes which set him apart from others.

            Jim truly epitomizes the title of Clown of the Year. He is the consummate clown, supporter of the World Clown Association, prolific educator and all around compassionate individual. As a life member of the association he is dedicated to its advancement in educational opportunities for all members and growth for the profession of clowning. Jim has been a member since the inception of the World Clown Association.

            His involvement in the association is uncontested. He has twice been the leader as president. As Publication Committee Chairperson, many innovative changes have taken place. He was the final authority on the writing of the Publication Manual that has led to the exceptional magazine, Clowning Around, which we all enjoy today. In addition to holding elected and appointed positions, he volunteers his services at every convention as a lecturer and performer.

            Jim willingly shares his knowledge of the clowning profession both in person and through his writings. An avid writer for our magazine, you will find his articles are both educational and informative. He has written and published books on the profession and willingly shares his knowledge with others. At conventions the advanced and novice clowns seek him out for information about makeup and wardrobe.

            I think it’s important to acknowledge Jim’s complete involvement at conventions and how it affects those who are able to attend these gatherings. Whenever her lectures there is always an overflow of participants. His presentations during evening performances are funny and exceptionally entertaining. As a master of ceremonies, his ability is unparalleled when it comes to introducing clown entertainers. Whenever his services are required to judge competition, you can be assured he will be fair and impartial. He offers suggestions for improvement as well as pointing out the good things that individuals are trying to achieve. Jim is a member of a group who seeks out new and talented individuals to attend, lecture, and perform at the World Clown Association conventions. He helps raise the money to bring these individuals to the convention at no cost to the association. This provides those attending conventions additional exceptional educational opportunities which otherwise would be cost prohibitive.

            Educational institutes seek out the services of Jim. He is a regular stall member of prestigious clown schools and is always recognized by peers. He has lectured and performed at all major clowning associations, but makes sure to promote the World Clown Association during any appearance. He is also very active in local and regional clown venues and city programs. Wherever Jim performs or lectures, you can be assured that there will be standing room only. He probably performs and lectures as much as any other clown in the United States. Without exception, Jim’s presentations are not only educational and funny, but are suitable for all ages from infants to senior citizens.

            Jim has won numerous awards in both the clowning profession and as a local citizen of his community. For those of you who have seen him as “Strutter” I think that you will agree with me that his makeup is impeccable. When competing he is always in the top three, most of the time in first place. His community has recognized him on numerous occasions for outstanding service and involvement.

            Jim is one of the major promoters for the World Clown Association and the art of clowning. Regardless of where he performs, lectures, or attends a function, he promotes our association and clowning. It is through efforts like this that membership continues to grow. He is an ambassador of unparalleled integrity and moral excellence.

            Jim is truly a representative we can all be proud of. As Clown of the Year he represents the World Clown Association and the attributes we should all ascribe to. Personally I can’t think of a more qualified member to represent us. As a matter of fact, I can’t think of a more qualified member in the clowning community for this honor of Clown of the Year for 2002-2003.


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