Glen “Frosty” Little – The Last Master Clown

Pricilla Mooseburger August 27, 2014 

Recently someone asked me about my circus friends and how long I had known some of them. I was shocked when I did the math and realized that it has been 32 years since I went to Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Clown College in 1982. Wow — 32 years!


It was at Clown College that I met and learned circus clowning from Master Clown Frosty Little.

Not only was I lucky enough to be taught by Frosty, I got hired to be on his unit, the Blue Unit of the circus.

I will be honest: Frosty was pretty intimidating. I always did my best to please him and stay out of his way!










Performing “Sparkplug” with Frosty Little

I really got to know him as friend when I worked at Ringling’s Clown College and designed costumes for the Circus Gold Unit that went to Japan. We worked side by side. Frosty then became an important staff member at Mooseburger Clown Arts Camp and The Great Clown Adventure (a clown convention I held in Las Vegas).

Frosty dedicated his life to not only circus clowning, but teaching home town clowns the principles of big time comedy and how to apply them to their performances. He was a bit rough around the edges, but I never doubted his love for me or the clown community.

I know you will enjoy this DVD of his teachings. Frosty has since passed on. But many of us owe our careers to this Master Clown.     


“A Day with Frosty Little” DVD

Hoterini! In an effort to preserve the skills of old, this DVD contains several sessions from Glen “Frosty” Little’s workshops in Arizona. Someone from the APS Volunteer Clowns edited the footage and made this DVD. I am very happy to be able to to share Frosty’s coaching with the world. I just wish I had more of these DVDs!
Though the video was captured from a VHS source, the material is priceless.

Whether you are reliving old memories of this Ringling boss clown, or viewing these classic skits for the first time, you will undoubtedly appreciate the footage.  The material covers everything from props and costumes, to slapstick and comic movement, to working with a partner, to staging a skit.
Also included at the end of the workshop is a make-up session chock-full of circus.


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