-Kolinda Zander-Hussey,  Past Awards Director

 Wow, WAS THIS ever a Clown summer to remember- with performances and outreach at the Japan Clown Festival and the Worldwide Circus Summit!

We (Eric “EZ!” Zander-Hussey and I) were honored, flattered and excited to be invited and hosted by Clown Family Pleasure B to their Clown Festival in Nagoya, Japan. Clowning was the universal language in this immersion of comedy, mime, character development, slap stick, skits, open mike, improv, balloons and games.


The clown show was a challenging highlight for EZ and I- try being speaking clowns for an audience that does not speak your language! Thank goodness for our friend and interpreter Mikae! The show was a huge success complete with plungers, physical comedy, fish, laughter, fun, new gags, tried and true gags, audience participation and marshmallows. EZ shared his talent, time, education and passion for the art of clowning to over 80 novice, advance and professional clowns during the workshops.

Driving up to the Pleasure B building in Nagoya, Japan, you know there is something special inside. The building is decorate and painted with the Pleasure B clown’s happy and excited faces and characters. The entire 4 story building is dedicated to working clowns. Inside the first floor is performing space and props, a clown store where you can purchase shoes, socks, wigs, make up, magic…everything a clown needs. the second floor is a clown alley complete with make up and costuming space, room for planning and writing routines and the clown’s personal spots. A dance studio and conference room rounds out the third floor. The upper level is where the business of clowning takes place with the administrative team.


The highlight for us was the 3rd floor office; K’s clown museum. From Ringling to Ronald there is a world of clown paraphernalia, educational books, posters, Ron Lee statue collection like no other. Every program from every circus from the past 3 decades is there and a glass case which ran the length of a wall filled with even more puppets, collectible and rare items of clown memorabilia…now I know why he bids at all the auctions.


Our host Kosuke Omune aka “K” is single handedly creating a :clown culture” in Japan, introducing World Clown Association style clowning to the festivals, fairs, hospitals and schools where there was o culture of this type before. Besides the performances and workshops, K also presented the neighborhood with an impromptu parade and had his team actively visiting hospitals throughout the days of the festival.


We were given a first class Japanese experience which included authentic food, Shrines and Temples, Tea ceremony, Kimono Café, traditional customs, beautiful people and culture, incredible scenery we even got a rare photo with Sumo wrestlers! Our friend Toppo along with our new friend Aiko escorted us to a Ninja village where we learned how to disappear and shoot blowdarts!


It was such an honor for this Canadian Clown to be invited into Pleasure B’s clown troupe as well as K’s family. If you are even in Nagoya, Japan, be sure to visit Pleasure B you won’t be disappointed…in fact it will “B” a Pleasure!


Smiles, Kolinda Zander-Hussey, Awards Director




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