World Clown Festival in Japan


– Kosuke “K” Omune / (Mikae – K’s Assistant) (Japan & Australia)

K – CLown from Japan helps organize the wonderful festival.

June 20th, 21th, 2015 we held the World Clown Festival in Japan. (Special instructors) K, Chang, Toppo, LONTO and, EZ from USA. Approximately, 70 people participated in our festival.

They came from USA, Canada, UK and from other places around the World.

We began with Opening Ceremonies followed by a choice of classes; Character development, Hospital Clown, Mime, Communication, Magic or Balloon Skills.

EZ’s show time

WCA member from the USA, EZ presented a fantastic show. All of the tricks were fresh, fun and American style for us. My favorite act was MARSH MELLOW! EZ’s beautiful wife “KoZee” is wonderful partner. We enjoyed their performance and getting to know them better.

Moreover, they made fancy fish props, and EZ wrote down Japanese on the bucket! That show called “FISH BUCKET”!

Group Photo

We took a lot of photos outside. Before we go to the park, we made kind of a parade. There were lots of people enjoying seeing all of the clowns.

EZ’s workshop ~Be a Clown~

This was my favorite part of the event. I will not forget the magical moment when he took advantage of a unique opportunity to become a clown. We also enjoyed hearing of his experiences when he worked in RingRing Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

Following EZ’s workshop we hosted an “Open Mic” followed by a party. In this time, we made an original T-shite and a tote-bag. Attendees really enjoyed those because they can collect autographs of instructors.

This festival has become notable in Pleasure-B’s history.

We invited special guest Clown EZ who is K’s ideal clown.

It is no exaggeration to say that at the present time the Pleasure-B is made better by EZ! K learned a lot of things from EZ.

I have to say…

My heart was too full for words. Thank you very much for coming to our festival. We enjoyed so much fun and learned a lot!!! Our festival was successful. Pleasure-B members also spent precious time with EZ and KoZee !!! You can visit our studio whenever you want. We miss you so much!