How to be a Silly Juggler  – A Comic Routine

This is an original juggling skit by Norman the Clown

You will need several juggling props as described in the skit and the ability to balance one item and juggle three items.

The Routine:  Begin with mis-stating the time of day – if it is morning say good evening and if it is evening say good morning.

“Good Morning Ladies and gerbil-men welcome to the wonderful world or professional juggling.” Do a ta-dah pose then jump into the next line.

“Today you will be astounded, amazed and driven to dizziness by incredible jugging feets.” (pull out a fake foot,(or shoe) toss it hand to hand) and say, “Now that I got my foot in the door I will continue with our really big Shoe – er I mean show. You’ll get a kick out of this!”  (move shoe like a kick).

Norman the Clown

Look at a kid as if he said something – “who said this trick stinks??” Look at shoe and then make face then hold it away from you.  Balance shoe by the toe on your hand then on your forehead. “Juggling with soul!  I feel good!”   

“But wait! There’s more… I will attempt the very dangerous trick of  juggling two items . . . at the same time!!!”  Lead everyone to say – “oooh”   Look at that same kid and say, “its Ooooooh, not Boooo!!!”

“OK, calm down – calm down people, nothing to get alarmed at, Yes I will juggle two items… at the same time!!!” (wait for the ooooh) Reach into trunk and pull out a sock. Ball it up and then take turns tossing sock up about 5 inches from left hand and at same time toss up the shoe 5 inches in other hand. Kids are not very impressed.

“What, What??!! you want more danger?  You want a more extreme juggling trick?  You want three items?”  They respond in the affirmative.  “What!!?? Do you think I am crazy!!??”  (Pause for reaction) “Well OK, but I warned you!”

“The extreme and dangerous juggling of three items! – At the same time!”  Reach into the trunk and pull out another sock.  Do a big display of it to the audience then ball it up with the other sock. Repeat the sock bit of tossing it up as you toss up the shoe in the other hand.  Wait for reaction.  “You know I could do some accounting for you and juggle some numbers!”

“OK, I will now juggle a fourth item!”  Pull out a baby shoe, do a double take, Hold up the big shoe and say, “Slim Fast – – after Slim Fast!!!!”   

Do some build up then finally juggle the three items successfully and then do a ta – tah pose and state with enthusiasm, “That is the wonderful world of Professional Juggling!!!” Then as the applause subsides exit and sing, “There’s no business like Shoe business!”

Norman is a clown from Minnesota who very much loves his dog, Snickers and also is a fan of pie!