Clowns Aiding Veterans

Jim “Rusty” Gorgans

Recently I was asked about the history of CAVE, here I will attempt to do so.
During a South East Clown Association convention ,I was introduced to Hugh Brooks from the Veterans Fund who shared his dream of forming a group of Entertainers to entertain Veterans. This idea was presented to the World Clown Association Board during its 2001 mid year meeting. This was approved and we became one of five groups which became P.A.V.E. (Performers Alliance for Veterans Entertainers) these are, Barbershop Harmony Society, Folk Alliance, Society of American Magicians, Bluegrass Music Association, and WCA) Under the leadership of WCA President Rick Zaborac (2008-09) the Canadian Government was invited to join the PAVE program. A conference call was set up and the program was presented and accepted.
During this period, it was suggested by the Veterans Fund we change our name to reflect our mission. President Zaborac suggested the name CAVE (Clowns Aiding Veterans Everywhere). This name was approved.

Today our Clowns entertain Veterans in Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Rehab facilities, and clinics. We network with other groups that support our Veterans such as the Telephone Pioneers.

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