Jr Joey Welcome Letter


          We are so happy you’ve come onto our site either to find out what we’re up to or connect with us for the first time and see what we’re all about. The W.C.A. Junior Joey Program is all about YOU! We learn as time goes on, things keep changing. Clowning is always changing too! Although we hold onto many of the ideals the clowns before us worked so hard on to develop, it’s important to keep learning and sharing so we can keep clowning at its very best for a very long time. No matter what happens in life or how it may change, one thing is certain. There will always be a need for clowns.  There will always be

a need for a smile and a sharing of caring from one human being to another. Clowns have a magical way

of bringing along a story, a magic trick, a joke or a riddle just when someone needs it the most. They might not even know just how much their presence and caring meant to someone. However, I can assure you (as someone who has been on both sides), your presence and caring, if only for a moment

will probably take a mountain of sorrow off of their shoulders ,making it possible for them to make the tough decisions that stand before them.

           Clowning is “MAGICAL”!  I hope you’ll come along with us on our journey to be the best clowns we can be and glean from what we share, that special quality that will make you a “real” clown.

            My door and my heart are always open. Please be sure to ask me any questions you may have.  I

will do my best to help you get to be the type of clown that new clowns will look up to someday in the future and be willing to work to be a clown just like “YOU”!


From My Clown Heart to yours,


Elaine “Daisy D. Dots” Vercellone

WCA Junior Joey Director



20 North Avenue, Montvale, N.J.07645

My heartfelt thanks to Ruth “Angell” Matheson who began this wonderful Program and Started WCA on a wonderful journey.