Junior Joey Scholarship Applications

To apply you can fill out the form below, or download the form HERE

Applicants for this Scholarship do not need past experience in specific skills or expertise to apply. They must be from the age of 6-15 by the time Convention begins. Scholarship winners will be able to apply their scholarship to the 2016 WCA Convention Junior Joey Program only. Applicants should obtain a WCA Jr.Joey Membership to apply for the Scholarship and attend the Jr.Joey Program

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Should you win this scholarship how will you use your clowning in the future?

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If a different Parent/Guardian will accompany you during the convention please provide information:
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Please submit 2 photos of you: 1 in clown, and 1 out of clown

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If attending with someone other than your parent or guardian a parental note stating such is required for attendance

All Scholarships applications MUST be received by December 31st. All applicants will be contacted as soon as decisions are finalized. Scholarships may be awarded as a whole amount of registration or part. Much depends on how much Scholarship donations are received from Sponsors and when.

IF you WILL be attending the WCA Convention, make sure you send in your Junior Joey Registration as soon as possible. Whatever Scholarship monies are awarded will be reimbursed at Convention.

If you have any questions or comments; please contact me by e-mail at: daisyddots4wca@gmail.com or
Call me at 201-388-0225. This is my cell and contact number during the convention.

Classes begin the very first day!

Looking forward to seeing you all at the WCA Convention

From Our Clown Heart to Yours,

Elaine “Daisy D. Dots” Vercellone - WCA Junior Joey Director